5 Staycation Ideas in Sterling, Virginia

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Who doesn’t love the idea of getting out of town, vacationing and exploring something completely new? Unfortunately, vacationing in faraway places is not always an option due to other commitments, such as work, school and/or family. Luckily for our residents at Lerner Windmill Parc, you are located in the idyllic city of Sterling, Virginia. Instead of taking an expensive and long vacation, try one of our favorite “staycation” ideas right here in Sterling.

1. Algonkian Regional Park

Less than 5 miles from Lerner Windmill Parc you will find Algonkian Regional Park. Algonkian Regional Park is a community favorite, treasured by visitors near and far. If you are in need of some fresh air and time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then a visit to this park should absolutely be on your staycation agenda. Complete with natural wooded areas, access to the Potomac River, tons of room for the kids to run and a variety of other activities, Algonkian Regional Park will be your go-to spot to relax.

2. Volcano Island Waterpark

When the weather gets a bit warmer, you don’t need to travel far and wide to cool off. In fact, less than 10 minutes away from Lerner Windmill Parc you will find a local favorite, Volcano Island Waterpark. Volcano Island Waterpark is located within the previously mentioned Algonkian Regional Park. This waterpark features a giant pool, thrilling waterslides and an expansive play area, all with a Polynesian theme. Enjoy a day in paradise for under $10 at Volcano Island Waterpark!

3. Sportrock Climbing Center

Do you dream of scaling rock walls in the great outdoors? In the winter, this can be hard to accomplish without heading to warmer areas. Instead, include Sportrock Climbing Center in your staycation plan. This indoor rock-climbing center is the perfect place to learn to climb rocks. It includes roped walls, free climb walls and even a yoga studio to stretch out after a long climbing session. This Sterling, Virginia location is the perfect place to go with a group of friends if you are looking for something new and fun to do in the area. If you enjoy it, you can even get a membership that allows for unlimited access – so you can say goodbye to your boring gym!

4. Wine Tour

Most people don’t realize that they don’t have to travel all the way to Napa Valley, California to experience a wine tour. Sterling, Virginia is actually home to some extraordinary wineries that will make you feel like you are in a faraway place. Point to Point Limousines offers an interesting wine tour if you have a group of friends or family who want to participate. You get to pick the wineries you want to stop at, and they drive you safely (in the comfort and luxury of a limo) to and from each destination. As far as wineries that you absolutely do not want to miss, we recommend the highly rated Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, Virginia and Dry Mill Vineyard and Winery, also in Leesburg.

5. Waddel Art Gallery

Instead of traveling into D.C. to get your fill of gallery art, head over to Waddel Art Gallery during your staycation to enjoy the work of talented local artists and students. Located within Northern Virginia Community College, you will be stunned at the beautiful displays of art filling the space.

You Don’t Have to Travel Far

In Sterling, Virginia, you never have to travel far to feel like you are on vacation. You don’t need to spend tons of your valuable time and money to have a good time in our area, especially when visiting any of our top 5 ideas for a staycation. For the perfect place to call home in Sterling, Virginia, come live at Lerner Windmill Parc. Full of attractive amenities and in an unbeatable location, you won’t be able to wait until your move-in day!

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