7 Organization Hacks for Your Apartment

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Getting organized is something everyone says they will do, but how many people actually follow through? Between busy schedules and running errands in the neighborhood, it can be difficult to find time to organize your apartment. Continue reading for some organization hacks that will help you get every corner of your apartment neat and tidy!

1. Use a Shoe Holder to Store Toiletries

If you are running out of space in the bathroom to store all of your toiletries, use an over-the-door shoe holder to organize your items. Each pouch can hold something different, and you can further organize it by labeling each pouch. This will save you from running around looking for your hairspray and give you easy access to any toiletries you may need during a busy morning.

2. Roll-Up Drying Rack

Besides organizing your dishes after washing them, a roll-up drying rack will also save lots of space. Because it goes above your sink, this drying rack frees up a lot of counter space, which is especially beneficial in an apartment kitchen. When you are not using it, the drying rack folds and takes up virtually no space, perfect for small kitchens.

3. Multiple Shower Caddies

Use adhesive hooks to hang multiple caddies in the shower. This will ensure a designated space for everything you need and will allow you to better organize your items rather than just leaving them lying around the bathroom. Using multiple shower caddies is perfect for households where many people use one shower. This way, no one’s items will get confused or mixed up!

4. Store Bed Sheets under the Mattress

Living in an apartment, you’re bound to get creative when it comes to storage. You will probably end up storing things in places you never thought of, like under a mattress. To free up more closet space, all you need to do is fold sheets as flat as you can and place them in between the mattress and box spring. Storing your sheets under your mattress also provides you with easy access for when you need to change them!

5. Find New Ways to Hang Clothing

To save space in your closet, hang your pants using s-hooks. All you need to do is attach a belt hook of the pants to the s-hook and let them hang freely. You can also hang multiple shirts on one chain to help you save space in your closet. Using a chain, you can comfortably store about five articles of clothing in the same amount of space needed for one item!

6. Store Nail Polish on a Spice Rack

It turns out spice racks can store more than just spices! Using a spice rack to hold your nail polish is a much better alternative to leaving nail polish all over your home, risking spillage or losing your favorite colors. The spice rack will also allow you to put your expansive nail polish collection on full display, creating a colorful addition to your home.

7. Store Pot Lids behind Cabinet Doors

You can purchase a pot lid organizer online or you can use adhesive strips for this hack. Storing pot lids on the inside of your cabinet doors will open up a lot of space in the actual cabinet, which is perfect for storing large pots and pans without the lids getting in the way.

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