5 Best Coffee Shops in Sterling, VA

The winter is a wonderful season of beautiful snowfall and holiday spirit. We all look forward to these breathtaking characteristics every year, but the cold that comes with it can be a little too much to handle. Sometimes we need a little help getting through the cold. What’s the perfect pick-me-up that’ll keep you energized and warm? If you guessed coffee or tea you’re exactly right!

Coffee, tea, and other similar espresso based drinks, are great choices to stay warm and toasty. The next step, and possibly the hardest, is finding your favorite local coffee shop. Searching for your favorite will provide you with a winter’s worth of warmth and quite possibly a whole year’s worth of caffeinated satisfaction. Below are the best coffee shops to visit in Sterling, VA guaranteed to warm you up during those chilly months!

1. Ridgetop Coffee & Tea

This young coffee shop hasn’t even hit its first birthday yet and it’s already a local hit! Ridgetop Coffee & Tea’s goal is to bring the community together and unite everyone under one roof. The shop serves coffee, tea and baked goods from local Virginia companies to further support small businesses. Their hand crafted beverages are a work of art and are sure to delight your heart as well as keep you warm all winter!

2. Sweet Signatures

Sweet Signatures is a local gourmet coffee and chocolate shop that specializes in blowing away your taste buds. Their true vision is delivering top quality classics and new creative combinations to all of their guests. Accompanying top quality coffee and beverages, Sweet Signatures’ chocolate and other heavenly desserts are the epitome of comfort food. What better time to satisfy your sweet tooth than during the winter? Warm your soul with delicious treats and warm your body with delicious coffee!

3. Weird Brothers Coffee

Are you searching for irresistibly unique coffee roasts? Look no further than Weird Brothers Coffee! Weird Brothers Coffee has locations throughout the local Sterling, Virginia area and offers a delicious variety featured blends and regional roasts from abroad. Rumor has it that the company is planning an expansion in the near future so stay tuned for updates and news on the local roaster.

4. Colada Shop

The Colada Shop brings the flavors of Cuba to Virginia with vibrant colors and flavors that have a little bit for everyone. The shop strives to be the epicenter of a tightly knit community, making hospitality and experience top priorities to its customers. Experience authentic Cuban culture, and a great cup of coffee to start your day the Colada Shop!

5. Brew LoCo

Brew LoCo is quite different than other coffee shops simply because they’ve got it all! This award winning business offers guests coffee, tea, good eats and even beer! Brew LoCo tailors their craft to your preferences; after all, you’ll only drink what you like! The homebrew coffee shop also offers a homey feel, complete with a warm and inviting environment to sip on your favorite hot beverage.

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Staying warm and happy during the dark and cold winter is a top priority for many. That’s why coffee and tea are a great solution to keep you warm and attentive throughout the day. Sterling, VA and the surrounding area are home to a variety of quality coffee shops; the hardest part about living here is choosing your favorite! If you want to be surrounded by excellent coffee shops everyday, look at Windmill Parc apartments in Sterling, VA. Take part in our virtual tour or view our photo gallery to get a better look at our apartments and see if the apartment life is for you!

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